b'Cirque MechanicsZephyrWednesday, October 11 | 7:30 p.m.Laxson AuditoriumTICKETS: $38$55 CHICO STATE STUDENT: $15Humans have been harnessing wind power for thousands of years. It was the beauty and efficacy of that timeless and ingenious process that inspired the creative team at Cirque Mechanics to create Zephyr, a theatrical circus show, that, not unlike historical windmills, harnesses human power instead of wind to generate an energetic acrobatic experience. Cirque Mechanics, has designed a performance windmill which will serve as the multifunctional mechanical centerpiece of our story. Mounted on a turntable, our windmill combines both modern elements and those reminiscent of older, picturesque structures, and its transformation from one aspect to another allows a change of scenery in real time.Sheng Wang Friday, October 13 7:30 p.m.Laxson AuditoriumTICKETS: $25$45 CHICO STATE STUDENT: $15Sheng Wang is a comedian, actor, and writerand also wrote for the ABC show Fresh Off the Boat. originally from Houston, Texas. His first NetflixSheng resides in Los Angeles and in his time off he special, Sweet & Juicy, released in September 2023enjoys exploring botanical gardens and discovering and was produced and directed by Ali Wong. He wasnew ways to snack.a featured stand-up on HBOs 2 Dope Queens special TICKETS|530-898-6333|ChicoStateTickets.com|ChicoPerformances.com|5'