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Creative City Chico

In March of 2020, with the support of the City of Chico and Chico State, a team began the CreativeCity Chico project to develop a Cultural Plan for the City of Chico. The goal of the project is to gather as much data and information from community members as possible, and with their help, map the cultural assets of Chico and craft a Cultural Plan for our community.

In July, the CreativeCity Chico team held six roundtable discussions with artists, arts organization leaders, and community members (49 participants) to discuss the state of the arts and a vision for the arts in Chico. What came out of these meetings were themes: common observations and ideas across all meetings and gems: viewpoints that although did not emerge in every discussion, garnered agreement and support in the meeting and among team members.

In November, the CreativeCity Chico project conducted surveys of organizations, businesses, and community members to gather data on Chico's cultural assets and build upon the early themes and gems.

The next phase of this project will be conducting additional Roundtables/Working Groups to share data and to work with small groups to develop a vision, strategies, and structures for Chico.