Hip Hop Body Rock #1 Field trip

Hip Hop Body Rock #1

Theatre and dance collide

Available through Thursday, March 4


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The Chico Performances Field Trip Series includesvirtual performances that educators can stream in the classroom or remotely. Thisyear, thanks to the support from sponsors and grants, schools and educators will have complimentary access to virtual field trips.

The next virtual field trip of the series is Hip Hop Body Rock #1. Theatre and dance collide in bite size experiences crafted by world renowned educator and performer Paige Hernandez. This Arts Engagement features several warmups and two, two-part basic hip hop routines! You’ll learn moves from Paige’s critically acclaimed show HAVANA HOP while grooving to the electrifying original music of Kris Funn’s The Cornerstore. Warning: after this virtual combo, your swagga may go into overdrive!


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