A Tour of Mariachi History

A Tour of Mariachi History

Mariachi Herencia de Mexico

Monday, October 29 | 9:30 & 11:30 a.m.

Laxson Auditorium

Recommended Grades: 3-12

Music 3 & 4/Speaking & Listening 2 & 3/Languages 3 & 4

$5.00 Per Seat

“This ensemble of students from Chicago’s immigrant barrios has scored a surprise hit with their debut album of traditional Mexican music” - Chicago Tribune

Join the young musicians from Mariachi Herencia de México (ages 11 to 18) as they showcase their instruments and explain the history of mariachi music in this very accessible Field Trip. Featuring students from Chicago’s immigrant barrios on stage, this energetic young ensemble traces their heritage, making for a peer-to-peer field trip.

The group of newcomers scored a surprise hit with their debut album of traditional Mexican music. Nuestra Herencia (Our Heritage), released on May 16, 2017, which hit No. 2 on the iTunes’ Latin chart, defying a music industry trend and pointing to a revival in recorded mariachi music. The album is believed to be the first major mariachi recording released in the United States by a student ensemble.

Mariachi Herencia de Mexico has performed alongside major artists like Lila Downs, Aida Cuevas, as well as some of the most respected mariachi groups from both sides of the border, including Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, Los Camperos, Sol de Mexico, Cobre, and the all-female group Reyna de Los Angeles, demonstrating that this group of students have the talent, training, and bravado to hold their own with the best in the world.

Come see how Mariachi music is made—and what it means to these young performers.

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Listen to Obertuna Nuestra Herencia y Popurri De Sones

Study Guide

Curriculum Connections

Introduction and background of Mariachi Herencia de Mexico (i.e. who they are, where they are from, why they play and love of mariachi music
Brief history of the mariachi tradition
Demonstration of the mariachi instruments and brief history of how the instrumentation has evolved.
Geographic background of the different styles of mariachi songs, including the ranchera, son, jarocho, huapango, bolero, etc
Brief discussion of key figures and composers
Video projection is used throughout the show as additional support.

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