Anand Varma: Beauty and the Bizarre

Anand Varma: Beauty and the Bizarre

National Geographic Live

Wednesday, November 7 | 10:30 a.m.

Laxson Auditorium

Recommended Grades: 2-12

CA Standards: NGSS LS4
Curriculum Connections: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

$5.00 Per Seat

“His groundbreaking photography enables him to communicate complex science in compelling ways” - David Maxwell Braun

When Anand Varma takes a photograph of a parasitic wasp consuming a caterpillar from the inside, he doesn’t want to you to be disgusted—he wants you to be amazed! He’s devoted years of his life to perfecting his techniques to create dramatic, bizarre—and beautiful—images of the miniature world around us. In these unique images, he reveals the secret life cycle of the honeybee and captures the lightning-fast behaviors of hummingbirds. This Field Trip will amaze your students with stop action videos and storytelling of the lives of insects, birds, and parasites—grossly fascinating.

This performance is supported, in part, by Gwen Quail. Photo courtesy of Anand Varma.

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